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Yison Profile

Guangzhou Yison Electron Technology Co., Ltd (hereafter called Yison) is a tech joint-stock enterprise built in 1998, which makes professional design, technology research and development, manufacture and import and export sale as a whole. Yison mainly sells 3c digital products such as earphones and data cables. Yison has gone through more than ten years as one day, so it's excellent.


There are experienced enterprise managers, skilled research and development group and efficient production line staffs in Yison. In production, Yison has two independent factories owing the international advanced production equipment and high standard of technical process. We stick to the principle of green and environmental protection, so all products are produced in strict accordance with national standards (Q/YSDZ1-2014). All products have pass RoHS, FCC, CE and other international certification. We keep catching up with the industrial standards. Meanwhile, we dare to pursue, dare to innovate, dare to shoulder a company's social responsibility and finally become unique among the same industry in China.


In the development process of the company, Yison has taken "Pursue Brilliant, Serve Sincerely" as its enterprise tenet all the time. Yison adheres to the management idea of excellent quality and innovation-driven development, firmly follows the pace of scientific and technologic development, puts out high-performance and high quality Yison products in time. We make unremitting endeavor in order to provide you with excellent products and extraordinary usage experience as usual.


Yison means prosperity of tomorrow and represents youth, vitality and the most free part beneath one's thoughts. After more than ten years' struggle, Yison products have spread more than 41 counties and regions including America, France, Australia, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore and Hong Kong etc. We expect your participation and cooperation and look forward to following our dream and composing a new chapter in the future with you!





Business Partner
Corporate Culture

Core Idea

Players are able to enjoy fluent and comfortable sound expressed by each vibrant note. Nobody can live happily without music. Everyone loves fair-sounding melody, following the rhythm your heart and spurting your passion. As the catalysts, Yison earphones will speed up your dream.

Our Style

Yison earphones offer users various styles, which are colorful, cute and unique. We encourage you to enjoy music noticeably. When you wander on the streets and wear our earphones, they will satisfy you with attractive appearance and matching sound effect.


We sincerely treat our customers, colleagues, business partners and suppliers. Sincerity from true emotion is not only our basic quality, but also the essential guarantee of reputation.

Advocate Originality and Wisdom

We advocate innovation and wisdom because we believe they are the first power of progress and the foundation of developing our company. We encourage ourselves to try everything new and admire those thoughts and behaviors full of knowledge. We are thoughtful, we can do better!

Young and Energetic

We are young, so we are full of energy and maintaining youthful vigor.
We are young, so we are faster and much more efficient!
We are young, so we are fearless. We can bravely face challenges and overcome them.
We are young, so we are more sensitive to new things. We can accept the new more easily.

Pursue Perfection

We pursue being perfect and realizing all of wisdom and innovation correctly and completely. The pursuit of perfection is the magic weapon to attract clients as well as the motivation of realizing our goals.

Contact US

Guangzhou Yison Electron Technology Co., Ltd.

The Seventh floor of Building 2,Yingbin NO.1 Building, Yingbin Road,Luopu Street,Panyu District,Guangzhou,CN

Tel: +86-020-31068899

Fax: +86-020-31068898

E-mail: info@yison.com

Website: www.yison.com

Yison Electron Technology(HK) Co., Ltd.




E-mail: info@yison.com



Building B,the second road of Fulong second industry area,Shipai Town,Dongguan




The Show Department of Guangzhou

Room720, New Asia International Electronic and Digital Center, No.55, Xitier Road,Liwan District, Guangzhou, CN




The Show Department of Guangzhou

Room1329, New Asia International Electronic and Digital Center, No.55, Xitier Road,Liwan District, Guangzhou, CN



The Show Department of Shenzhen

Room3038, SEG Recreation Communications Market, Huaqiang North Road,Futian District, Shenzhen, CN